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High Reach Inc. design and build Orion heavy fork lift trucks right here, in Oakville, Ontario.  With capacities ranging form 60 to 140,000 lbs., Orion fork lift trucks can handle your coils, dies, machinery moves and heavy equipment installations.

Featuring the truly-unique Orion Quick-Change Carriage, you can change from lifting on forks to lifting with the Rigger’s boom attachment in about ten minutes! It’s safer, it’s faster; that means more time spent working (and making money).

Powerful hydrostatic drive makes load handling smooth, and available options like full-function remote control, and custome alterations mean your Orion fork lift truck will be suited to exactly your requirements.

From handling coils in steel mills, heavy equipment warehousing and even dockside work, Orion’s high capacity fork lift trucks are working around the world.

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Orion designs and manufactures industrial high-capacity forklift trucks and boom attachments for a variety of material handling applications World wide, including, Nuclear Installations, Military applications, Port facilities, Die handling, Rigger forklift trucks, Machinery moving, Plant relocations and much more.

A line of forklift trucks ranging in sizes from 50,000 lb to 160,000 lb are available and are fully customizable to fit your specific needs

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