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For pricing or availability on any of the Dymac Clean Fuel Storage Tanks please contact us!

Clean Fuel Storage Tanks

Choose from our industry leading range of bunded steel tank products and ancillary dispensing equipment. Our products are designed to ensure the safe storage and efficient transfer of industrial lubricants and hazardous liquids and are the fuel tank of choice for industry leaders worldwide.

AceCube Versatile


The AceCube Versatile standard tank range comes with a choice of feature options. Dual Fluid tank option, large primary lid option, and Road tow trailer option. This versatile range can be up-fitted with various dispensing pump packages.

AceCube Road Tow


Pre-designed road tow trailers can be fitted to Dymac's range of transportable fuel & fluid storage tanks, AceCube Versatile, AceCube Professional, AceCube Aviation, and the AceCube DEF tank ranges.

Buffer Tank


The Buffer tank range has been designed mainly for the H-VAC rental industry to support chillers using glycol and various fluids. The range comes with built-in flanges suitable for various applications.

AceCube Professional


The AceCube Professional tank range comes with a choice of options including: Dual Fluid, Hippo Primary Lid, and Road Tow Trailer. This professional range can be up-fitted with various dispensing pump packages.

AceCube Versatile DEF


The ACV-DEF tank comes with a removable PolyPlastic inner tank and an extra-large equipment compartment that can accommodate interface modules, temperature probes, and heat trace hoses.



The FUEL HUB Compact NA range of tanks features an equipment compartment area for upfitting of various dispensing pumps, it is ideal for direct equipment connections such as generators and pump sets.

Popular Rental Ranges

AceCube Professional

Sizes: 450L to 5300L

AceCube Professional Hippo

Sizes: 950L to 5300L

AceCube Professional Dual Fluid

Sizes: 680/140L to 4820/280L

AceCube Professional Hippo Dual Fluid

Sizes: 680/140L to 4820/280L

Standard Features

Can accommodate up to 10m or 40ft retractable hose reel mounted in the bunded equipment area

Multiple Primary Ports and Fittings

Can accommodate the future fitting of a carbon steel sump protection tank with Poly Plastic DEF tank

Optional Features

K2 Rotary hand pump with 4m or 8ft hose and dispensing nozzle

Combined 10M/32ft retractable hose reel option with Automatic Dispensing nozzle.

Automatic dispensing nozzle with 4m or 8ft hose and various electric pump size options

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