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Current Manufacturer Promotions & ARA Booth Locations

Please see below all of our current manufacturer's promotions. 

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If you are here for the ARA booth layout, please click on the ARA logo below to go to our manufacturer's booth locations and to see the full ARA 2024 floor plan.

Makia Promo

Manufacturer Promotions 

 With over 100 years of experience and over 40 years of cordless tool experience, Makita has established a renowned reputation for producing durable, efficient, and powerful tools. Our wide range of battery and electric tools are designed to cater to the specific requirements of your customer projects. 

Take advantage of these sales and provide your customers with reliable cordless and corded tools!

Please contact us for the PDF with pricing!


We have been building safety into our scaffolding since 1960. Innovation, design, and great packaging drive us. We strive to develop and design products specifically suited for each of our market segments; residential and commercial construction, rental, and industrial.

Pre-order and prepare your inventory for the 2024 season with safe and reliable scaffolding and construction products!

Please contact us for the PDF with pricing!


Real peace of mind, KYCS is a state-of-the-art wireless technology, with dedicated 24/7 recovery specialists who can quickly pinpoint and recover your stolen asset anywhere in North America. KYCS is a self-powered theft recovery and inventory management device that can be installed onto virtually any equipment. KYCS requires no wiring so the unit is completely self-contained. This makes KYCS devices practically invisible to frequency scanners. We are designed for theft recovery and real peace of mind so KYCS has no monthly fees and is exclusively endorsed by Crime Stoppers USA and Canada. The choice is clear, protect your assets with KYCS Locate.

Construction theft losses do not only mean increased overhead, operating, security, and insurance costs, but also scheduling hurdles and lost people-hours of production that could have a crippling effect on your business.


Now until March 31st, when you buy 12 KYCS locate devices you receive 1 free!

Protect your fleet in 2024 with proven fleet protection in KYCS locate!

Please contact us for KYCS device pricing!


Since 1967, MBW has been manufacturing one of the construction industry’s most interesting lines of small compaction, concrete, and related equipment. What makes the MBW line interesting? MBW is not a copyist – we do not simply duplicate designs developed by others.

MBW begins each new engineering project with the assumption that significant progress can be made in terms of improved productivity, reduced maintenance, longer life enhanced user safety, or lower long-term cost of ownership.

MBW of Slinger, WI, began operations over 50 years ago. Today the Company’s product line encompasses a full line of soil compaction products, equipment for mixing, vibrating, screeding, finishing, and slipforming of concrete, as well as a number of specialty products for construction applications. 

Take advantage of these sales and provide your customers with the most interesting lines of small compaction, concrete, and related equipment.

Please contact us for MBW pricing and availability!


ARA Booth Locations

To view the full ARA floor plan please click on the button below.

Booth# #1555

Booth# #4329

Booth# #3813

Booth# #3251

Booth# #451

Booth# #2135

Booth# #2103

Booth# 2920

Booth# #4413

Booth# #5019

Booth# #6157

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